Board Members

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-- Officers

Bob Ferguson, President, Class of '55'
Member of Fund Raising Committee
Member of Membership Committee
Phone: 616-460-4344

Leora (Chandler) Williamson , Secretary, Class of '58'
Membership Commitee Chairperson
Member of Luncheon Committee

Eileen (Cable) Bennett , Treasurer, Class of '56'
Member of Luncheon Committee

Jack Flory , Vice President, class of '64'
Liaison to GRCF
Member of Scholarship Committee

-- Directors

Steve Bloye , class of '60'
Nomination Committee Chairperson

Norrine (Chase) Polkowski , class of '46'
Scholarship Commitee Chairperson

Donna (Kinder) Bennett , class of '64'
Member of Scholarship Committee

Nancy (Miller) Ulrich , class of '61'
Member of Scholarship Committee

Dave Minier , class of '67'

Sally (Saurman) Jordon , class of '51'

Alecia (Wicks) Pant , class of '51'
Member of Membership Committee

Lee Ann (DeZwart) Platschorre , class of '65'
Member of Scholarship Committee
Luncheon Committee Chairperson

-- Past Board Members

All board members started when the Golden G organization was incorporated in 2012. As of year 2013, the longest anyone could have served is one year.

Who                    Year(s) of service

Ben Emdin		2013

Bob Foster		2013

Paul Titchenell         2016

Bob Traetz		2013

Karl VanderLaan		2012 - 2015

Dorothy Vincent 	2012 - 2014